This is surely one of the easiest and most popular steps. we must cut kiwi plant cuttingsin late winter. Another alternative would be to do during the summerwhen the kiwi plant grows daily.

cut the cutting

We must select cuts of approximately between 10 to 15 centimeters long. Important! That he cutting has leavesbut NO fruit buds.

The cut must be as straight as possible with our trusted pruning shears.

scrape off a portion

We scrape a portion of approximately 2-3 centimeters long. We do it in the base bark of kiwi plantto be able to expose the interior after cutting. We can use a knife anyone to do the gratedor the same pruning shears already mentioned.

Submerge the lower half of the cuts made, in a rooting hormonewith 0.2% IBA in Summer, and 0.5% IBA in Winter.

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We plant the cuts made in pots, between 15 to 20 centimeters. We fill the container with 50% perlite, and 50% substrate. Finally we add a quarter cup of cold waterbut around the base of each cut. we must press Up to the middle in the area of ​​the hormones. We must keep the pot in an environment of 20 to 25 degrees Celsiusand exposed to natural lightbut indirect. Another alternative would be to place the pot under a fluorescent lamp for 6-7 hours daily.

We spray the cuts and surface with the rooting whenever it is dry. The goal is to maintain a smooth moisture around of the base of the cut made.

We check for roots after 50-60 days, 70 as much. To know, we pull the cuts gently to see if the roots are well attached to the substrate.

We transplanted the cuttings using 1 nursery container. We fill it with 3 parts of the land of our gardenand 1 part of substrate. Plants should be kept in the pot until their growth is complete. growth stagebut with this step we will have prepared the permanent bed.

Must get and withdraw the seeds of ripe kiwi in late summer. We crush the fruit with our hands in a container filled with clean water. The seeds will go little by little floating towards the surface. We take the small black seeds and let them dry for 24-48 hours.

We keep the seeds selected in wet perlite in the winter. We must keep them in a 5 degree celsius environment at all times.

We take out the seeds from where we have preserved them in spring. We must plant them in medium-sized plastic pots, filled with soil or substrate. On 5-6 seeds per pot, at a depth of 0.2-0.3 millimeters.

Important! The soil should never be soaked. We must maintain a level of normal humidity at all times. To do this, we water the seeds using some soft diffuser.

first germination

We should watch the first germination from the second week. we sprinkle sand around the seedlings as they emerge keep moisture.

Once the kiwi seedling has a couple of sets of leaves, we remove them and transplant them into individual pots the same size as the initial pot where we planted the 5-6 seeds. We fill them with 3 parts of land, and 1 of substrate.

We maintain and care for seedlings until they grow large enough to transplant into a largest gardensince 15 centimeters high.

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