🥇 Anti-Cholesterol Breakfast【 2022 】

Surely if you have high cholesterol and triglycerides, you have already visited your doctor and he has given you certain recommendations or even medication.

Taking care of food when we have these high values ​​is not synonymous with going on a diet “hospital”boring and tasteless. Therefore, below we will present you a breakfast, and some tipsso that your morning meals are healthy but tasty and, above all, that they do not take up much time to prepare them. We advise ourselves together with the Canarian health service. For any consultation in the same center, you will need to make an appointment with the doctor of the Canary Islands.

The secret will be in knowing how to combine the foods and the portions that you should eat of each thing so that you can eat well. This breakfast is quite simple to apply and its basis is to eat natural foods as much as possible.

Considering that when you have to go to work you have to leave home very early and that it can take several hours before you can make a good breakfast, I suggest you make a small meal before you leave home.

Suppose it is 8 in the morning. We recommend you eat a little yogurt and add some oatmeal and chia flakes, two highly recommended foods to control cholesterol. Remember to avoid foods that have added sugar. Also, considering the issue of high triglycerides, think it's best to remove as much free sugar from your diet as you can. It will be better if you add the flavor, with a little fruit, cinnamon or vanilla.

Breakfast can be done a couple of hours later. In the previous case, since we take the yogurt at 8 in the morning, we would have to have breakfast approximately two hours later.

For breakfast you can make a classic: toast. These are very easy to make, practical and do not require much time.

We recommend some wholemeal bread. If you can buy this bread directly from a bakery, even better. Otherwise, you will have to look at the labels and look for one that does not have sugar in its first 5 ingredients. We recommend that they be whole grains since they have fiber that can help you lower cholesterol levels, in addition to being good for digestion.

For these toasts we will then use whole wheat bread. Another option, in case you are not in a place where you can toast bread, is to buy some toasties already prepared so that they are crispy when you eat them.

You can accompany the toasts with half an avocadoa quarter for each piece of toast if you eat two. In the world of nutrition, it is considered a fat, since it is the macronutrient that contains the most. But, even if it is fat, it is considered "good fat" because they are mostly monounsaturated. It also has a large amount of omega 3 that will help us reduce cholesterol levels and also triglycerides.

A piece of advice if you eat the avocado away from home is to mash it, as if you were making guacamole, and put a few drops of lemon on it so that it stays green and does not oxidize. If not, you can take a full half, put the lemon drops as a varnish and cut it at the moment.

To some of the toasts, in addition to avocado, you can add a little cheese, such as fresh goat cheese, but as with yogurt, you can choose whatever you want but preferably fresh.

It is recommended that you consume fresh and uncured cheeses, since the latter contain more fat. So better avoid them.

In addition, to some of the toasts you can add sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs on top of the avocado.

Since we mentioned the egg, there is a belief that if cholesterol levels are high, you should not eat eggs and this is completely false. You can eat eggs perfectly if you have high cholesterol.

The problem is in the other ingredients with which you eat them. What will not be recommended is eating them with bacon or other sausages that can affect.

You can accompany this breakfast with coffee or tea, but be careful with sugar and other sweeteners, including honey.

It would be ideal if you take them naturally and avoid sugar.

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