🥇 Differences Between Male And Female Kiwi

Did you know that the kiwi flowers have "sex? According to their type or varietywe will need one or two plants to be able to obtain fruits. Once we take this into account, we move on to the next question: What are the differences between male and female kiwi?

  1. What is the plant of male kiwi and female kiwi?
    1. monoecious
  2. Diocese
  3. How is the male kiwi different from the female?

What is the plant of male kiwi and female kiwi?

The kiwi plants They can be of three types: Monicasdioecious and or self-fertile.


monoecious kiwi

The term monoecious refers to the prefix "infectious mononucleosis"that is, unique. They are plants that have both male and female flowers. When we plant a monoecious Kiwi plantIt will not be necessary to acquire another one for germination to occur since she herself will be able to do it without the need for a partner. Monoecious plants are also known as hermaphrodites.


dioecious kiwi

When a plant is dioecious it means that it does not contain both reproductive organs, only one. In order for our kiwi tree to bear fruit, it will be necessary to have both a male and a female.

How is the male kiwi different from the female?

Male and female kiwi differences

The best way to distinguish a male kiwi from a female kiwi is to wait until after the flower has already opened; the female will be the one that produces the kiwi, and will be distinguished by its white pistils with light yellow stamens, the stigmas being somewhat sticky on the edge of the flower.

On the other hand, the male flower will not have those pistils, only stamens.

Unfortunately, if you don't have the flower open yet and you haven't previously been marked which is which when buying or acquiring it, there is no certain way of knowing.

Don't forget to mark your kiwi plants so you don't get confused again!

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