🥇 Green Smoothie【 2022 】

The Green Smoothie is a completely "detox" variant of the usual mixture of fruits and vegetables. We will achieve that green color thanks to an excellent smoothiehand in hand with the two key ingredients, both spinach and Kiwi. Using kiwi, in addition, we will achieve a more antioxidant result and we will turn off that vegetable flavor.

We could even reduce the amount of spinach by increasing the amount of Kiwi without any problem.. Here we can find a catalog of good quality blenders for this job.

  1. Ingredients of the Green Smoothie
    1. Preparation

Ingredients of the Green Smoothie

  • 1 banana
  • fresh spinach to taste
  • oat flakes to taste (so that the texture does not spoil, two tablespoons is enough. We can use gluten-free, or remove it if we are intolerant)
  • almond milk
  • fresh kiwi


  1. In our trusted blender, we first pour all the fruit until we get all the final juice. We have the option of slightly refrigerating this result to improve the texture of the green smoothie, or we can use all this juice as it came out of the blender.
  2. Now we will help ourselves with a blender in case our blender does not allow us to make mixtures. The objective of using this first appliance is to take full advantage of all the fruitsomething that other tools fail to take advantage of well.
  3. Properly mix the extracted juices with the almond milk, and then add the rest of the ingredients, spinach and oat flakes. If we want more sweetness, we just have to add a few drops of natural sweetener. The ultimate goal is that the oatmeal and spinach clumps are not left in the texture of the green smoothie.

As you can see, its preparation is extremely simple compared to other shakes or smoothies.. Perhaps we add additional steps when using a blender, but in this case, since we are not looking for a crystallized or fresh texture thanks to the frozen fruit, extracting the juice in this way is cleaner and more efficient.

Kiwi is not a sweetening ingredient, so it is true that it can harm the taste, leaving the result somewhat stronger or bitter, but with a natural sweetener we can avoid it completely.

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