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If we enjoy eating fruit at home, the kiwi will surely appear regularly in our fruit bowl. If we are also parents and we want our offspring to eat fruit, eating it in front of them will help them feel curious and want to eat it with us, and this is where the first doubts appear. Can I give my baby kiwi if she asks me to, from what age?

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Yes, of course we can offer kiwi to our children. In fact, the market currently offers us baby formulas that include kiwi as the main ingredient so that they become familiar with the acid taste.

The AEPED in its Recommendations of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics on complementary feeding points out that the taste for different flavors appears at an early age, so getting babies used to the acid flavors of some fruits from the beginning of complementary feeding will help to continue eating them in their adult lives.

Kiwi is a very healthy tropical fruit. Its intake only gives us a moderate amount of calories, however its benefits are remarkable. It is a great source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Protects from infections by strengthening the immune system and prevents anemia and constipation.

how to prepare baby kiwi
  1. So… At what age can babies eat kiwis?
  2. Kiwifruit porridge recipe for babies from 6 to 12 months
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  3. How to give kiwi to a 6 month old baby?
  4. How to prepare kiwi juice for babies and children

So… At what age can babies eat kiwis?

The kiwi is one of those fruits classified as "potentially allergenic" in its two green and gold varieties.

Years ago, it was recommended to delay the introduction of this type of allergenic food until a year and even 3 or 6 years. However, based on the scientific evidence that is currently available, both the AEPED in its guide and the Generalitat de Catalunya in its Recommendations for feeding in early childhood, recommend introducing these foods at the start of complementary feeding.

The answer is clear if we look at the official sources. From 6 months we can offer kiwi to our babies. Always in the format in which we feel most comfortable and following some guidelines to discover an allergy if there is one.

kiwi compote for babies how to prepare kiwi for babies kiwi for 6 month old babies

Kiwifruit porridge recipe for babies from 6 to 12 months

Although some official organizations are beginning to recommend that babies eat chunks from 6 months, the truth is that many families distrust this fact and prefer to offer complementary food in the traditional way with porridge and purees.

Of course, from 9 months we should start the transition to solids to prevent the baby from later not wanting to chew, and with a view to being fully integrated into the family menu at 12 months.

Porridges have the advantage that the fruit is incorporated whole, so the fiber is not lost as much as in a juice. There is also the possibility of simply mashing the kiwi with a fork, so that there are some lumps that allow the baby to play with the original texture of the kiwi.


  • ¼ kiwi peeled and ripe


  1. Peel the kiwi carefully so that there is no skin left.
  2. Crush the kiwi with a fork. Being a very soft fruit, it is not necessary to pass it with the blender. It is not necessary to remove the black seeds, but do not be scared if they appear whole in the diaper.
  3. We can serve it cold or heat it slightly to offer it to the baby lukewarm.

How to give kiwi to a 6 month old baby?

As we have already mentioned before, the kiwi is a highly allergenic fruit, so to introduce it into the baby's diet we will have to attend to some considerations.

The first thing to keep in mind is if any of your parents or older brothers and sisters are allergic to this fruit, either in its green variety or in its gold variety. If they were, the first step would be to rub the skin of the kiwi on the baby's arm to see if it reacts to the touch. We will repeat the operation three days in a row, always before 5 in the afternoon to have time to see a possible reaction before going to sleep.

If the baby passes this test or if no one in the close family has shown signs of allergy to kiwi, we can offer it to him to eat in the format we choose. It is important to offer these potentially allergenic fruits as the only new food in the baby's diet to be sure which fruit gave him the allergy in case of a reaction.

For example, if the baby has eaten pear without any problem, we can offer him a kiwi and pear porridge. If our baby has never eaten an orange, we should not offer him a kiwi and orange juice, since if there is a problem we will not know if it was the fault of the kiwi or the orange. This step will be repeated for three days in a row before 5 pm, as in the previous step.

Green kiwifruit and its gold variety are not exactly the same fruit, but both are equally allergenic, so the introduction must be made with both varieties individually.

How to prepare kiwi juice for babies and children

From the WHO, the recommendation is clear: No juices in babies under one year of age and limited consumption in children over one year of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics has specified what they mean by "limited consumption" and recommends less than half a glass of juice per day for children between 1 and 3 years old, less than 180ml of juice for children between 4 and 6 years old and less than a glass of juice per day for children between 7 and 18 years old.

For a special occasion, and always without displacing the consumption of the whole fruit, kiwi juice can be an easy option to prepare and very refreshing. It will be enough to peel the kiwi well and put it in a blender. To give it a more special flavor, we can flavor it with mint leaves or a celery stalk. It will always be better to offer children a little natural juice than a sugary soft drink, which should never appear in a child's diet.

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