🥇 KIWI SHAKE ▷ Without Sugar【 2022 】

Sour Kiwi Smoothie Ingredients

  • 2-3 kiwis
  • Lemon juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Tablespoon of honey

Being so healthy and using natural ingredients, this kiwi smoothie for weight loss is based on taking advantage of the acid flavor of the green kiwi combined with the squeezed lemon juicealso adding the sweetness and thickness of honey. An exquisite combination. It is worth mentioning the importance of buying quality fruit to make these smoothies.


  1. We peel the kiwis and we cut them into pieces not too smalland we start blending good speed.
  2. Once finished, we will have a kiwi juice, but that is not the goal. added on lemon juice squeezed to our likingand accompany with honey and ice cubes, all together.
  3. Once again, we beat at maximum possible speed, until we notice that a liquid without lumps from the honey, and without too many ice crystals floating around.
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Let us now turn to another variant. It is not the first time that we have combined recipes with kiwi and yogurt. What can I say, it's an iingredient that I am passionate about.

We must bear in mind that the density and color of this milkshake They will vary depending on the amount of Greek yogurt that we decide to use.

  1. Sour Kiwi Smoothie Ingredients
  2. Preparation
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  • Ingredients of the Kiwi Smoothie to lose weight
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  • Ingredients of the Kiwi and Banana Smoothie with Syrup
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  • Ingredients of the Kiwi Smoothie with Oats, Pineapple and Pear
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    3. Kiwi juice with Thermomix
  • Kiwi and Yogurt Smoothie Ingredients

    • 1 banana
    • 2-3 kiwis
    • milk (optional)
    • Greek yogurt to taste
    • honey (optional)

    Let us take into account before entering the matter, that the honey and milk in this smoothie are completely optional. If using the base ingredients (banana, kiwi, and yogurt)we had one left mixture too thick for our taste, we can add milk, and if it is very liquid, we can add honey to thicken it.

    eye, very careful with honeywe do not recommend at all sugar abuse.


    1. The procedure is practically the same, but in this case we play more with the density and thickness. We recommend starting with the fruits first, the banana and kiwis, creating that really tasty sweet-acid mix.
    2. Then we add the optional ingredients. For my taste, if we use little honey, I recommend using both ingredients at the same time, and we beat again to mix without losing the touch of thickness.
    3. Finally, we add the greek yogurt and now yes, we beat maximum speed.
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    Kiwi smoothie to go

    Do you want something even healthier and for your exercise and weight loss routines? Perfect, forget about the previous two recipes for smoothies with kiwi and let's focus on this one, as it will be an excellent dose of essential nutrients that your body will appreciate

    Ingredients of the Kiwi Smoothie to lose weight

    The main difference between this smoothie and the others, is the complete absence of sugar. soy milk for an increase of Omega 3 and 6spinach for him iron Y vitamin C in kiwis. Very complete and 0 industrial sugar.

    The final texture of this smoothie must be fineand with a characteristic acid touch of kiwi.


    1. Add and beat the kiwis to get the initial juice.
    2. At this point, we recommend adding the spinach and soy milk to shred them as much as possible.
    3. Once crushed, add the sweetener to soften the taste naturally.
    4. Finally, we can choose spread the chia seeds on top of the smoothieor on the other hand add them next to the sweetener by shred them inside the smoothie. To our liking!
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    At first it may seem like a really simple milkshake... Everyone knows that you can mix two fruits in the blenderso what is the difficulty?

    Let's give a unique touch to this milkshake by adding homemade syrupand thus combine kiwi and banana in a more exotic way. You will be surprised at how well the kiwi looks with the syrup.

    EYE! Do not include this shake at all if you have problems with sugar or similar. Nor as a sports diet.

    Ingredients of the Kiwi and Banana Smoothie with Syrup

    • 1 banana
    • 2-3 kiwis
    • lemon juice to taste
    • 250ml of water
    • Natural sweetener to taste


    1. Let's start with the complicated part first, the syrup. We heat the water over high heatwith the sweetener in it well stirred so that it partially dissolve. We can also add as an extra flavor, a piece of the lemon peel (once it is squeezed apart, of course). One time coldwe can remove the shell.
    2. in this batido we are going to need to segment the final liquid into two parts. Let's start first with the kiwis: As always, we peel and add to the blender together with half of the prepared syrup liquid. We beat, naturally, to high speed. Once everything is well mixed, we serve and We cool in the refrigerator.
    3. We repeat the process with the bananasalthough in this case we recommend slightly wetting the fruit fragments with squeezed lemon juice. One more time, Beat together with the other half of the syrup, and cool in the fridge.
    4. Two options. Put it all together and beat again to mix it upor serve it separately playing with densities. If you opt for the latter, we recommend serving first the of bananaand by on top of the kiwi.
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    Let's go with one more, this time using the prized for athletes oatmeal. Surely more than one does not like it, due to the thickness that it generates in the smoothie.

    Don't worry, we'll make it with the suitable ingredients that its thickness is perfect.

    Ingredients of the Kiwi Smoothie with Oats, Pineapple and Pear


    1. We start with the fruit, including the Kiwi this time. Wash, peel, already inside the blender.
    2. Once we have the first fruit juicewe add the soy milkand the natural sweetener. We beat again, but for only a few seconds to mix the sweetener.
    3. The main course arrives, the oatmeal. Now that we have the base, we add the oatmeal to our likingand we beat maximum speed for 2 to 4 minutesdepending on the thickness we want to achieve.

    Now, we have already learned how many benefits this glorious fruit gives us, Time to cook! The most basic is undoubtedly the Kiwi Milkshake. It is simple to prepare, but for rookieswe will see step by step how to make kiwi juice


    • 3-4 kiwis
    • 600 ml. soy or almond milk
    • 2 tablespoons of honey
    • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

    We peel and cut the kiwis in pieces, or in half. We put in the blender the milkthe Sweetiethe kiwis and the teaspoon of cinnamon. We mix to maximum speed until you get one homogeneous mixture. We can add ice cubes to the mixture to give it more freshnessbut it is not necessary. It depends on our taste.

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    Kiwi juice with Thermomix

    If No we have a blender, we can always prepare a good Homemade Kiwi Juice with our favorite food processor. Or even with the famous and well-known Thermomix.

    In both the version of Thermomix like the blenderare forms of prepare a Natural Kiwi Juice. Without annoying additives that we will find in the ready-made juices from the supermarket, and with a flavor completely authentic.

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