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The red kiwi is one of the new successes of Jingold, the Italian Kiwi brand. But, Is it as good and healthy as the media wants to tell us?

  1. What is the Red Kiwi?
  2. Why is it Red?
  3. News about the Red Kiwi
    1. Red
    2. ✅ Why is this Kiwi Red? Is it a natural color?
    3. ✅ Why wasn't your crop a success until this year?
    4. ✅ What benefits does Red Kiwi have?
    5. ✅ What is the red kiwi plant?

What is the Red Kiwi?

Although it is impossible for us to associate the color red with the famous kiwis, it is becoming popular at an incredible speed in Italy, where it is grown by the Jingold company. For now, there is only one variant, called Kiwi Rojo Oriental Red and was awarded the Fruits Logistica Innovation Awardthe most beloved award within the fruit industry.

Although it is cultivated in New Zealand and Italyits name implies that its origin was in the East, and it is so. China was the first to cultivate it, but They did not know how to bring it to market successfully.

zespri red kiwi new zealand red kiwi
Zespri also joins the Red Kiwi promotion

It has incredible organoleptic properties, a greater durability than the others, and a superior sweetness. This makes young palates appreciate it much better than other kiwis.

Jingold official website

How is it possible that it has become so popular in such a short time? They were able to successfully promote it in Italy, being the kiwi that says goodbye to acidity, with a taste reminiscent of tropical fruit juices. Zespri, for now, has put these copies up for sale in Singapore, to check the success in the East. Before taking it out globally, they plan to improve its storage conditions to Reduce costs. For now they have lmanaged to store it correctly for up to 8 weeks, but its goal is 12.

red kiwi

Why is it Red?

According to the firm Zespri, provider of the Zespri red kiwiThis red pigment is due to Anthocyadin, a natural pigment within kiwis, but which were able to amplify by repeated cultures. For those of us who know a little about genetics, we know that these types of mutations must be reproduced repeatedly to create new branches and types, in this case, kiwi. This is why the Red kiwis began to be cultivated in the year 2000but it was during the year 2020 that its commercialization and cultivation are much greater.

They took so long also because of the Psa disease caused by a bacterium, with which they had to invest more time to eliminate it completely.

The main problem with this variety is its high sensitivity to a bacterium that affects kiwifruit globally. This is not necessary to produce kiwis with plastic cover, because when it rains in spring, the bacteria develop exponentially. When we prevent the plant from getting wet, the crop grows very well. This implies a much higher planting cost than green and yellow.

The Atlantic Kiwi Company

News about the Red Kiwi


We realized that the Kiwi was booming, but its plantation in Valencia was causing problems. The hours of cold that its cultivation needs did not arrive, and therefore its quality ends up losing compared to other markets

Oscar Martinez

After this brief statement, he stated that the cultivation of the two other variants of Kiwi for sale in Spainincluding Red, of course.

This will not only open the doors to the national trade of this great fruit, but it will also reduce the price of the other variants, and even, with luck, it can be export Red Kiwi to the rest of Europe.

The first establishment of Red Kiwi will be divided into 500 hectares of cultivation, giving two thirds to Yellow, and 1 third to Red. This is because the growth of this first sweet variant is growing, in verbatim words, in "double digit figures". The next to follow this growth would be Red. It reached growth figures of 30% in 2020.

According to quite precise estimates, they assure that the Red price will be around €3.50/kilowhich already competes enough with the rest of the variants. Great news.

The Kiwi Red Passion Consortium recently published new data on the nutritional benefits of this variant of kiwi. We must understand that red passion is a brand dedicated to the exclusive cultivation of Red Kiwi, and therefore they are surely the ones that have accumulated the most studies in this regard.

Comparing with kiwis from its other brands dedicated to the other colors, Red Passion published the following characteristics comparing them with others from its Italian competition:

  • dry matter at least 20% older than Hayward
  • Soluble sugars between 20 and 30% higher that hayward
  • Significantly wider optimal consumption window than Hayward

At first glance it may seem simple and straightforward, but we are talking about really high amounts. As they stated, their consumption window may extend significantly into the next decade with higher cultivation rates. Its security is much greater when it comes to planting it, and therefore its price will be highly competitive.

Red Passion currently exploits as the next step for its globalization, to carry out test fields in Morocco and Turkey.

✅ Why is this Kiwi Red? Is it a natural color?

Although at first sight it seems something artificially modified, it is a natural mutation that turns the kiwi into a sweet fruit.

✅ Why wasn't your crop a success until this year?

The Red Kiwi suffers from a weakness against a bacterium that the plant acquires in the rainy season. This is why, until a healthy crop was achieved without using an excess of artificial chemicals, it did not come onto the market.

✅ What benefits does Red Kiwi have?

Apart from this sweetness for people sensitive to acidity, its conservation is better and more natural, in addition to greater organoleptic properties.

✅ What is the red kiwi plant?

The red kiwi plant is the same as the yellow kiwi. It has much more flowering than the green kiwi plant and is more sensitive to wind.

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