🥇 YELLOW AND GREEN KIWI ▷ Which is Better?【 2022 】

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Yellow and Green Kiwi Calories

The calories that we can find both in the yellow kiwi as in the green are quite Relatedyes One serving, say about half a cup, contains 110 calories in the green kiwi, and 112 calories in the yellow kiwi.

Carbs of a Yellow and Green Kiwi

As in practically all fruits, almost all the calories are due thanks to the carbohydrates. Returning to the previous measurement, the green kiwi contains 26g of carbohydrates and 5.3g of Fiber.

In the case of golden kiwivery similar: 26g of carbohydrates and 3.7g of fiber. In this case we can say that the yellow kiwi is worse in case we are including this fruit to combat against constipation.

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Fats and Proteins

In the event that we look for a significant protein contribution in the kiwi, we must change the fruit. Neither the yellow nor the green kiwi contain high doses of fats and proteinsbut let's check the values:

Using the same measurement as above, the green contains 2g of protein and 0.9g of fat, while the dorado has 2.2g of protein and 1g of fat.

It's not bad, but it's not great either. Consume a Yellow and Green kiwi, whatever, daily, can give us that protein plus that never hurts.

What vitamins and minerals does the Yellow and Green Kiwi contain? What nutritional values ​​does it have?

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  1. Yellow and Green Kiwi Calories
  2. Carbs of a Yellow and Green Kiwi
  3. Fats and Proteins
  4. What vitamins and minerals does the Yellow and Green Kiwi contain? What nutritional values ​​does it have?
  • Kiwi - Properties and Contraindications
    1. Green Kiwi Properties
    2. Yellow Kiwi Properties/Prayed
  • Kiwi - Properties and Contraindications

    We arrive at kiwi important valuesand their contraindications, or their "negative" values. It is worth mentioning that it has practically none, unless we suffer from an allergy to fruit. Except for that rare occasion, all it brings us are benefits.

    We are clear that we consume this fruit, above all, for the great vitamin contributions What does it give us, but which kiwi is better? Difference between green and yellow kiwi?

    Green Kiwi Properties

    • 166mg of vitamin C
    • 562mg Potassium
    • 36mg of Magnesium

    Yellow Kiwi Properties/Prayed

    • 196mg of vitamin C
    • 588mg Potassium
    • 26mg of Magnesium

    These properties do not vary when consumed on an empty stomach. There is a widespread myth that we can absorb more nutrients and minerals from this fruit if we consume it on an empty stomach, but from here We confirm that it is not.

    Kiwi on an empty stomach does not provide additional values

    It is undeniable to state that the elevated planting and variants of Yellow Kiwi are mainly due to the fact that they managed to create a type of kiwi with better vitamin and mineral properties. However, the difference is negligible between the Yellow and Green Kiwiand the decision is ours about which one is better or which one we should consume. For our part, we like the green kiwi much better!

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