I am sure that many times we have asked ourselves this question, especially if we eat whole kiwis. Does something happen if we eat the Kiwi seeds? Are bad? Good?

  1. Benefits of eating kiwi seeds
    1. Benefits of Omega 3 from Kiwi seeds
    2. So how do you eat kiwi?

Benefits of eating kiwi seeds

As we already know, the Kiwi gives us a vitamin and mineral rushfor they abound in fruit. The Kiwi to this day it is still an excellent nutritional supplementwhich also helps treat very specific diseases.

But not only the kiwi fruit pulp it is essential for our health. The Kiwi seeds are very rich in essential oils. yes, those black seeds What can we find inside the kiwithey are amazing for our health, and they should never take off before eating it. It's more, Kiwi seeds should ALWAYS be eaten.

As we have already learned on our website, Kiwis originated in China. there your growingused this fruit as traditional medicine. For them the kiwi was a natural medicineeating mostly their seeds. A cup sliced ​​Chinese green kiwiprovides an incredible amount of 170g of vitamin C. As we already know, this vitamin is one of the strongest and most beneficial antioxidants in the world, this amount being a 200% of the nutritional value recommended daily. eye! Don't worry about this, because the excesses of vitamin C are not dangerousare expelled in urine.

kiwi seeds are eaten

Benefits of Omega 3 from Kiwi seeds

Although when cutting our sliced ​​kiwisLet's see those seeds everywhere, they only represent a 3% of the weight of the kiwi. As we have said before, the Kiwi seeds have Omega-3one of the most important fatty acids to prevent heart and brain diseases. Since there is so little amount of kiwi seedswe shouldn't leave any to eat, without a doubt, which is why many people decide to eat it whole.

As additional information about the kiwi seedsthe Omega 3 that they present have more quantity of this oil, than the own linseed oil. kiwi seeds are also rich in Vitamin Aand for centuries, the Chinese population used it to eye treatments for your elderly.

So how do you eat kiwi?

The most traditional way of eating kiwifruit, now that we know the pips or seeds are not harmful, is as depicted in Zespri's own television commercials. The most classic way to eat it is to cut it in half, and with a small spoon.

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