Can You Eat Kiwi Skin? ▷ How to Wash the Shell

It's probably a strange question. eat the kiwi peelso hairy and ugly to the touch... You are right! Not only can you eat kiwi skin if we wash it correctly, but it has a lots of benefits for our body.

  1. Benefits of eating kiwi skin
  2. Wash the peel of the Kiwi

Benefits of eating kiwi skin

the shell is crunchyand adds a flavor and texture very different from how we usually eat it. In fact many people associate this additional flavor to eat a peachfor the hairy texture and with bitter touches. we can eat the Kiwi as if it were a apple. A bites Y wholeWith no heart to throw away once we're done. They are all advantages!

It is worth mentioning that as with any fruit, we must wash it very well to avoid ingesting bacteria, or dirt.

Among other things, the kiwi peel is a very rich source of vitamins, minerals, and above all fiber.

Wash the peel of the Kiwi

First of all we must wash our hands with soap and warm waterin order to prevent us from transmitting bacteria to the kiwi peel. It should be remembered that we must rinse properly so as not to soap the surface.

After, rinse the kiwi with a stream of cold waterBe careful not to rub too hard, as it will dent easily.

We scrub with a soft bristle vegetable brushand so we loosen the remaining dirt. We rinse again completely under another stream of cold water, and we can eat kiwi skin with complete peace of mind.

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