Who said you couldn't include Kiwi in delicious dishes like burgers? Today you will learn to prepare a kiwi chicken burger that will conquer the most exquisite palates, being (fairly) healthier that the hamburgers of the establishments of fast food.

Ideal for any type of situation, from lunches to dinners, improvised or with friends. We would even recommend substituting the chicken with the Salmonto have one completely fitness burger. A hamburger in which the benefit main is the fiber and vitamin C.

  1. Ingredients of the Kiwi Chicken Burger
    1. Preparation

Ingredients of the Kiwi Chicken Burger

  • 500 g of minced chicken meat
  • Spring onion
  • Garlic clove
  • Ginger
  • 4 white wheat loaves


  1. Before we start with the important part, we must chop the onion, ginger, and garlic the best we can. Mix in a bowl with mince until you get one consistent mix and firm. we can do from two to four hamburgers with the amount of meat, although it will depend on the meat weight that we want to use, and thickness let us do them
  2. Wash and cut the onion in thin strips. In a bowl, add the kiwi peeled and sliced. We season with salt and pepper to tastealthough it is not necessary.
  3. Finally, we grill the hamburger meat, and we mount it between the breads to our liking

A simple but different way to prepare this popular dish from all over the world. The Kiwi Chicken Burger It is a very healthy way of enjoying food, with all the strength and nutrition of the fruit

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