?DEHYDRATED KIWI ▷ 4 Simple Steps 【2022】


One of the alternatives more delicious to include Kiwi in our fitness diet is the Dehydrated Kiwi.

This cooked variant of Kiwi It has the same components as the regular kiwi, that you have already been able to learn on our website. high components of enzymes, potassium, fiber, electrolytes... among many things. In addition, above all, high quantity in vitamins C and E essential for our body.

On this label, taken from some natural sachets of dehydrated kiwis, we can see in greater detail the nutritional information of this valuable food.

Let us highlight above all the calories on this label:

Dehydrated Kiwi Calories: 254kcal/100gr.

Dehydrated Nutritional Information
  1. How much does the Dehydrated Kiwi cost?
  2. Dehydrated Kiwi Recipe
    1. Ingredients
  3. How to dehydrate kiwi in the oven:

How much does the Dehydrated Kiwi cost?

As is understandable, being a food as popular as kiwi, in a healthy and unique variant such as dehydrated, we can buy it in famous stores. But, what is the price of this kind of Kiwi?

Well, it really depends on the brand, the type of kiwi (color, location...), but almost all of them are around the same price/kg.

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Dehydrated Kiwi Recipe


  • 5 pieces of kiwi, cut into slices

How to dehydrate kiwi in the oven:

  1. First of all, we preheat the oven to 90ºC
  2. We cut the kiwis in thin slicestaking care that they do not break because they are very thin. Place the cut slices on oven paperstar, blackboard.
  3. Finally, we bake for an hour and a half on.

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