?HOW TO GLAZE KIWIS ▷ Glazed Kiwi In 3 Easy Steps

glaze fruit For any food or dessertis an ingenious technique to give best look. We will help the fruit seal in one place, and add a decorative glitter. It can be done with any fruit that we can cut into slices, but today we will learn exclusively how to glaze kiwisalone or accompanied by other fruit. If you don't know what a Glaze is, we leave you here an article quite specific.

Depending on the chosen fruitwe will help balance the sweetness of glazed.

  1. How to glaze kiwis easily
    1. Prepare the kiwis
    2. How to make the icing
    3. Cover the Kiwi with the Glaze

How to glaze kiwis easily

Prepare the kiwis

  • we start cleaning, peeling and cutting fresh kiwi (how to tell if a kiwi has gone bad). We place it on top of the dessert that we are going to accompany, or if we only want glaze kiwisWe do it separately.

How to make the icing

  • We will create the glazed for our Kiwiwarming up in saucepan over medium heathalf cup jam beside 1 tablespoon of water. We must wait for the final mixture to become a liquidcareful not to burn yourself. Remove the liquid and filter it through a sift the glue very fine, and thus separated the Pieces of fruit that are left. Finally, we let it cool down.

Cover the Kiwi with the Glaze

  • we wet a pastry brushnot very big, in the final icing to warm temperature. We spread the brush over the entire surface of the previously cut fruit. Finally, we refrigerate it to preserve it, in case do not go to consume at the moment.

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