KIWI GRANITA ▷ Cold Dessert【 2022 】

The Kiwi and banana granita is a delight worthy of any summer, or even for athletes. After performing any physical exercise, it is a "hopper" of excellent vitamins.

Any type of natural juice, or recipe of this style, are always the best option as a substitute for the classic ones. sugary drinks. That is why we always recommend preparing all these things without sugar or preservatives.

  1. Kiwi Granita Ingredients
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Kiwi Granita Ingredients

Castelló Since 1907 Sweetener Stevia + Erythritol 1:1 - Pack of 2 x...

Castelló Since 1907 Sweetener Stevia + Erythritol 1:1 - Pack of 2 x...

  • 100% natural sweetener based on Erythritol and Stevia. Natural flavor and 100% homogeneous, with a texture very similar to sugar. No artificial flavors or flavor maskers. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Non-GMO. KOSHER certified and HALAL suitable. Made in Spain with the highest quality standards (FSSC 22000).


  • Peel the banana, and cut it into slices. The same with the kiwi, although the latter can be cut directly into pieces. The most important step in this case would be properly peel the kiwiso that they don't remain weird lumps. We blend the fruits next to ice.
  • We add the orange juice and the sweetener to the mixture, and again we return to Blend until you get a perfect mixture.

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