?KIWI SNACKS ▷ Breakfast With Kiwi【2022】

The typical european breakfast they always include a dose of Vitamin C that is very healthy and necessary for the body. As we have already learned on our website, the kiwi is the fruit with the highest amount of Vitamin C that we can find in the market, so... what less than breakfast, right?

Whether we like green or yellow, or if we will eat it with skin or without skin, today we will learn to prepare some Kiwi Bites really simple, with few calories, and above all very nutritious.

  1. Kiwi and Cheese Bites Ingredients
    1. Preparation

Kiwi and Cheese Bites Ingredients

  • 4 kiwis
  • cheese spread
  • blueberries


  1. We cut the kiwi in half to be able to empty it much more easily. We can save the pieces separately, or mix them in a bowl until you get a dough with the cheesealthough we recommend leaving the pieces loose
  2. We can use toasts of the size that we like the most. First, we add a layer of kiwifruit piecesor crushed kiwi. Then, we spread and add another cheese layerto finally be able to add and stick to the cheese, the blueberries

A variant of the kiwifruit bites It could be using dried kiwis as the main ingredient, although you will lose some of the texture of the snack.

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