?MILFOULE WITH KIWI ▷ Healthy Dessert【 2022 】

Although this dessert is originally from Francethat hasn't stopped us from getting our hands on it, and manipulating it to create a fantastic Strudel with Kiwi. A tasty dessert, as always, as well as being highly nutritious and with a good dose of Vitamin C, so characteristic of green Kiwis.

  1. Millefeuille ingredients with Kiwi and Mango
    1. Preparation
  2. Millefeuille with Kiwi, cheese, and banana
  3. Millefeuille ingredients with Kiwi, fresh cheese and banana
    1. Preparation
  4. Strudel with Kiwi and Cream
  5. Millefeuille ingredients with kiwi and cream
    1. Preparation

Millefeuille ingredients with Kiwi and Mango

  • 1 sheet of puff pastry 100% butter
  • 2 Greek yogurts
  • 2 kiwis (not very mature)
  • half mango
  • natural sweetener


  1. First of all, we must preheat the oven to about 180ºC. Once we have waited long enough, we put the puff pastry, cut and punctured to avoid over-inflating. In case within the hour we notice that if inflatewe can use any flat kitchen instrument to flatten it slightly, without removing it from the oven.
  2. While we wait for the puff pastrywe are cutting the mango in sheets.
  3. We peel the skin of the kiwi, and we crush until turning it into a puree, similar to the recipe for kiwi juice and porridge for babies.
  4. Once we obtain the kiwi puree, we mix it as much as possible with the Greek yogurt.
  5. Time to ride it! Strudel on the initial base, spread the yogurt mixture, and add on top mango slices to our liking, without becoming too thick. we spread again yogurtand cover with another puff pastry.

It should be noted that we can repeat this process everything we want, to form different mille-feuille with kiwi, and with a variety of heights.

Millefeuille with Kiwi, cheese, and banana

Millefeuille with Kiwi, cheese, and banana

There are different ways to prepare this millefeuille with kiwi. On the one hand we have the version without the baked puff pastryusing as a base and as a separator for the "floors"the fresh cheese of a decent thickness. On the other hand, if we like to use puff pastry in these recipes, we can do it, but we must take into account that there may be a weird texture with the cheese.

It all depends on our taste!

Millefeuille ingredients with Kiwi, fresh cheese and banana

  • Fresh cheese (we recommend Burgos)
  • 3 kiwis (not very mature)
  • 2 bananas
  • Half lemon
  • lower leg
  • natural sweetener


  1. Before we do anything, we must wash and dry the lemon. Cut into slices and save them for later.
  2. We peel the bananas and cut them into circles. We spray some lemon drops on these bananasand we keep them.
  3. We cook half a glass of water with the enatural sweetener and cinnamon. After 3-5 minutes, add one or two slices of lemon in waterand add the sliced ​​banana. We remove during others 2-3 minutes.
  4. Peel and cut the kiwis. drain the banana (and we keep the syrup generated in the saucepan separately)
  5. We remove all serum cheese possible, and cut it into slices of the thickness that we want to our kiwi mille-feuille. As in the previous recipe, we use the cheese as a base to assemble the fruit, whatever order it is. The cheese will wrap the fruitbeing covered at all times with a puff pastry sheet
  6. The saved syrup previously we can use it in the recipe. First, we must cook it to low-high heat until it browns and above all, turn down the volume. This step would be to prepare the puff pastry in a different way from the first recipe, because in this case we can spread this syrup before baking it.

Strudel with Kiwi and Cream

Strudel with Kiwi 1

This is probably the least healthy kiwi strudel option on the list, but hey, dessert is dessert. Making a recipe of this type, just by including the kiwi, is already a good dose of Vitamin C for the body, in addition to its numerous minerals.

Millefeuille ingredients with kiwi and cream


  1. First of all, preheat the oven to 180ºC. Meanwhile, we prepare and cut the puff pastry to the desired sizes. As in the first recipe, we repeat the procedure of prick and watch so they don't swell. we can wet with Water lightly the oven tray. As always, we wait for doren enough inside the oven.
  2. We prepare the cream and we introduce it inside the pastry bag that we want to use, and we refrigerate
  3. In this case we have two options: Mount the kiwi millefeuille with this fruit insideor we can mount the puff pastry only with the cream, and use the kiwi to garnish on topto our liking it remains. As we have already seen in the rest of the recipes, we assemble it following the same procedure.

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