?WHEN TO COLLECT KIWIS? ▷ Tips 【 2022 】

the ones we have experience in the Kiwi plantation we know the difficulty of knowing when to pick kiwis. Dates can be misleading, depending on the type, variety, and even geographic location.

Many factors can tip the scales and modify these collection dates. From a drought that ripens them before their time (but losing the flavor)even by a very premature culture, preventing once again, that the fruit get that characteristic flavor that we like so much.

The best thing for us and for the plant is to harvest the kiwi when its sugar reaches the perfect level. This, of course, ignoring what kind of variety of kiwi whatever, it is indifferent. we will know when to pick kiwis If we can appreciate that the seeds are black.

  1. Know the Kiwi Development
  2. Storing Kiwis after Harvesting
  3. When to collect curly kiwis?
    1. Tips

Know the Kiwi Development

As we should already know, the kiwis get their perfect size during the summerbut nevertheless the maturation does not end until end of March.

Some people we collect ripeand others prefer to catch them just before that your maturation be reached.

In case of collect them ahead of time, it is advisable to refrigerate them as soon as possible so that they finished maturing.

Storing Kiwis after Harvesting

saber cwhen to pick kiwis it is the first part. The kiwis that ripened in the plantations they get a better sweetnessbut it is not easy to store them.

If we collect the kiwis in its green stateor underripe, refrigerate in vented plastic bags is the best way to achieve its best consistency, for about two months. Then keep them at room temperature to complete its maturation.

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When to collect curly kiwis?

In case of collecting kiwis when your skin turns redwe must keep them in the same way, but during six months. We must remember that the curly kiwi son plus large Y they mature later.


Remember that the kiwi gets dented very easily, so we must collect them carefully. In case it is damage any of our kiwiswill not be stored properly until they reach their maturity point.

Once collected, we must cool them down as soon as possible, already coldest temperature possible (without reaching the freezing point). Always keep the harvested kiwis separated from other fruits that are maturingin case of cultivate different types of fruit.

In case our kiwis with pass maturationremember that they can always be used to make a kiwi smoothie.

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